GRAD Company's Air Source Heat Pump Unit Serves the Air Conditioning Project in Qinhuangdao Happy Island Park

GRAD Company's Air Source Heat Pump Unit Serves the Air Conditioning Project in Qinhuangdao Happy Island ParkRecently, more than 10 ultra-low temperature air-source heat pump units produced by GRAD Group's host company that serving the Happy Island Park air-conditioning project have been successfully sent to Qinhuangdao, and start a new chapter for 2020.

Ultra-low temperature air source heat pump unit

  1. Unit overview:

Air source heat pump technology has been widely used around the world for its high efficiency and energy saving benefits and excellent working performance. The ultra-low temperature air-source heat pump unit produced by Grad company adopts air-supplying and enthalpy-adding technology, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. Widely used in hotels, bath centers, hotels, office buildings, hospitals and other places, is the preferred model of heating in northern areas.


II.Product Features:

  1. Efficient and environmentally friendly, using R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, which is stable and non-toxic, has zero damage to the ozone layer, is green and environmentally friendly, and has a high heat transfer coefficient.

2.Super wide application range

The cooling mode can be performed at an ambient temperature of 18 to 43 ° C, and the heating operation is performed at an ambient temperature range of -30 to 25 ° C, which meets the design and use requirements for comfort air conditioning in most area in China.High-efficiency heating and stable operation at ultra-low temperature. The highest water temperature can reach 60 ° C, and the range of hot water output is wider. It is suitable for various heating methods such as radiators, fan coils, and floor heating.

3.Smart defrost

Less frost, multiple frost suppression measures. Accurate frost measurement and fast defrost.

  1. Increase the capacity and miniaturize the size.

Through the optimized arrangement of finned heat exchangers and system pipes, in conjunction with large-diameter low-noise fans, make the double improvement that increased performance and reduced space occupied become real.

  1. Stable and reliable

(1) High-efficiency scroll compressors ensure that the compressor lubricating oil is still in an ideal state even in cold winters, greatly improving energy efficiency at partial loads.

(2) High-precision electronic expansion valve, high section accuracy, fast action speed, can adapt to the instantaneous change of refrigerant flow, can more accurately reflect the superheat condition, and provide accurate and rapid adjustment.

(3) The new shell and tube heat exchanger has a lower water pressure drop inside the unit, which helps reduce system power consumption and reduces the risk of ice blocking or dirty blocking.

(4) The high-efficiency wind-side heat exchanger uses a unique “V” type or double “V” type structure, which accords with the characteristics of air distribution. The metal frame is strengthened to fix. The structure of the whole machine has the characteristics of large heat exchange area, strong anti-corrosion performance and smooth drainage during the defrosting process while ensuring higher rigidity and higher stability.

6.Intelligent control

The unit adopts a humanized microcomputer control system and a large-screen LCD controller, which is simple and fast to use. Four control methods: local control, centralized control, mobile APP and cloud intelligent remote monitoring. GRAD host company will insist the customer-centered, continue to improve, meet market demand, and provide customers with better products and more satisfied services.

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