Grad Group participated in the 2019 Beijing International Nuclear Power Industry & Power Equipment Exhibition

On October 17th, the 2019 Beijing International Nuclear Power Industry & Power Equipment Exhibition opened. On the exhibition, the latest technology and equipment in the nuclear power equipment manufacture and nuclear power technology application industry are comprehensively demonstrated.

Grad Group exhibition booth attracted a large number of experts and scholars, of domestic and overseas, in the nuclear industry. 

Each stainless steel fire damper, each stainless steel exhaust vent and each valve body produced by Grad Group is made of SUS304 stainless steel; through the connection of stainless steel screws, welding areas are reduced; this series of products got the national fire voluntary certification; and Grad Group is also the first enterprise in China that obtained Stainless Steel Products 3C Certification.

In addition, Grad Group’s independent products of FRP (sand inclusion) pipes, fans and other products are also exhibited. T35 series axial flow fan, for the nuclear power industry and other chemical industry characteristics, the fan shells and impellers are made of high quality stainless steels; this series of products have passed the National Energy Efficiency 2-level Certification Test, have obtained the Explosion-proof Certification and have obtained Explosion-proof Production License. Meanwhile, this series of products have obtained European Union CE certification and the United States AMCA certification, also the fan series products are qualified supplier of China Nuclear Group.

The Grad Group has the largest fan automatic paint line and the first-class assembly line, to the north of the Changjiang River regions, with a daily production capacity of 400 units. Blanking, spraying, baking, assembly, testing and other processes are all completed automatically online.

Specification range of FRP (sand inclusion) pipe product is DN25 ~ DN4000, PN0.1 ~ 3.2MPa, SN1250 ~ 20000N / m2; the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, so that the fluid pressure loss are significantly reduced; the density of pipe cross-linking is very high and the pipe is no taste, no odor, no toxic, no peeling or shedding, and no corrosion or scaling, so that it does not cause any pollution to the medium to be transported.any pollution to the medium to be transported.

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