GRAD Group participates in the 25th China International Composite Material Exhibition

On September 3,2019, the 25 th China International Composite Material Industry Technology Exhibition opened in Shanghai Expo Hall. Shandong GRAD Group had showed the composite material products, military products, thermoplastic products, wind power products, winding pipes and other products at the exhibition.

In this exhibition, a series of lightweight composite material products, such as the thermoplastic continuous fiber prepreg tape, the thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel, the sandwich structure light-weight locomotive interior panel, the SMC molding and the thermoplastic battery pack case, had become the most promising bright spots.

The composite material products have the characteristics of light weight, environmental protection and high flame resistance, and meet the development demand of the international new energy industry, and have won the great attention of many customers. We will continue to innovate and develop, so that the best products to serve customers and market.

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