GRAD Group won the second prize of BIM technology application achievements in installation industry

GRAD Group won the second prize of BIM technology application achievements in installation industry

From December 24th to 25th, 2019, the "2019 National Installation Industry BIM Technology Application Achievement Exchange Conference and Site Observation Meeting" hosted by the China Installation Association BIM Application and Smart Construction Branch was held in Tianjin, with more than 300 industry experts from across the country And construction industry personnel, sharing and exchanging BIM technology application results on the spot, and seeking technological innovation to lead the way for enterprise development and integration.

The meeting evaluates the BIM technology application results of the installation industry in 2019, and publicized the evaluation results. The Zhangjiakou South Station assembled machine room project of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway contracted by Grad Group Installation Company won the second prize, which reached the leading Level in domestic industry. Also Grad company become one of the few award-winning private enterprises, and the only unit shortlisted for the award-winning prefabricated equipment room project.

This award reflects Grad Group company’s core technology, capacity of manufacture and construction in the BIM field of the installation industry. A number of high-quality projects have been admitted, such as the Zhangjiakou South Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway, the heat pump room of Badaling Station the machine room of Lingshan County People's Hospital, the machine  room of Puyang People's Hospital, the machine room of Shijiazhuang Tianshan Science and Technology area, the refrigerator room of Debai Canal Plaza, and the room of Qingdao Chinese Academy of Sciences.

 GRAD Group Installation Company will insist the principle of "technology first", adhering to the credo of "doing a good job in the installation industry with the standards of the mechanical industry and doing a good job in the industrial products with the standards of the art", and designing and manufacturing the assembled machine room as Core business, strive to be unique. Relying on BIM technology to achieve prefabricated production and on-site assembly construction of large and complex machine rooms, to achieve lower labor costs, less raw material consumption, higher installation efficiency, safer working environment and higher engineering quality. "Finished a project, build a monument", build product strength, continue to expand the brand effect of the GRAD Group company, and achieve sustainable and stable development of the group's business.

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