GRAD Group's Environmental Engineering Works

GRAD Group's Environmental Engineering Works


At the beginning of the 2020 New Year, GRAD environmental protection gas treatment projects have entered the construction and installation stage, involving a variety of fields, including chemical, chemical, coal, steel, construction and other industries, of which the chemical industry accounted for a high proportion.

GRAD's Environmental Protection Engineering Department spent more than 30 days on the site of Xinjiang Zhongtai Xinxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.'s VOCs treatment project. After the project handover, construction and installation, it successfully completed the overall equipment installation and system commissioning on January 15. Deliver it to Party A and wait for Party A's trial adjustment and acceptance after the Spring Festival. During the construction process, since most of the equipment is on the top of the building, under the heavy snow climate of nearly 20 days and a temperature of -20 ° C, the entire construction team under the leadership of the Minister of Engineering Wang Haichun was not afraid of the cold, and gave full play to the spirit of GRAD craftsmen and took the snow , On-site guidance and teaching, and actively fulfill commitments and serve customers.













In addition, the Anshan Qicai Chemical VOCs waste gas treatment project has also recently been completed and successfully entered the stage of acceptance and commissioning. The first phase of the Yantai Wanhua Chemical Project ’s waste water odor collection process started in early January and is expected to be completed by the end of March. And equipment installation as a whole.






Xinjiang Zhongtai, Anshan Qicai, and Yantai Wanhua are three large-scale chemical industry waste gas treatment projects. The successful completion of these projects will surely become a banner project in the field of waste gas treatment of Greed's environmental protection industry chain. . In the tide of constantly updating the environmental protection market, GRAD Environmental Protection is bound to become the leading company in the entire domestic environmental protection market!

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