Grasping Opportunities, Digging Channels, Making High-quality Products | GRAD Foreign Aid Projects Flourish Everywhere

In 2019, it was the first decade of the GRAD Group's international trade. In the past ten years, the international trade team has grown from an international trade department to the International Trade Engineering Company. The International Trade Engineering Company makes full use of the country’s favorable policies, closely follow the group’s development direction, implement the Group’s high-level decision-making, enhance the brand image, and strive to build a high-quality overseas project. By joining the catalogue of foreign aid platforms of the Ministry of Commerce, and deepening the channels of state-owned enterprises, the company has gradually expanded the influence of the GRAD Group in the foreign aid circle, and has contracted more and more large-scale foreign aid projects, which fully demonstrates the style of the GRAD Group.

The foreign aid project has extremely high requirements on product quality. Through years of business activities accumulation and investment, the GRAD Group has formed huge intangible assets including various business and product license qualifications, test reports, trademarks, patents, international certifications, honorary awards, and always adhere to the project as a good project. The foundation is based on domestic and international, and the products of China are exported to the international market.

Up to now, the International Trade Engineering Company has participated in foreign aid projects all over the world, with a wide range of projects and products.

GRAD Group International Trade Engineering Company will continue to rely on professional overall project contracting capabilities, expand and strengthen foreign aid business, create quality overseas projects, win honor for the country, promote the internationalization of the GRAD brand, and achieve the grand vision of the GRAD brand “Be strong and do the best for the first class”.

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