New energy and new material industries encounter new opportunities --Grad Group participated in the 2019 New Dynamics Qingdao Exhibition Fair

 On October 19th, the 2019 New Dynamics Qingdao Exhibition Fair opened at Qingdao International Exhibition Center.

Shandong Grad Group, the leader of the new energy equipment and the applied industry cluster of Dezhou City , participated in the exhibition fair on behalf of Dezhou City. On 19th afternoon, official leaders of Dezhou City Government visited and directed the exhibition booth of Shandong Grad Group.

“Innovation stimulates dynamics and cooperation promotes developments. The goal is innovation and transformation from old energy to new energy. ” Grad Group utilizes the achievement exhibition, planning exhibition, product exhibition, technology exhibition, special product promotion, project launching, bilateral negotiation and other methods to create an energy transformation experiment zone in Shandong Provice.

Shandong Grad Group relies on the operation mode of owning the industry chain and platform and has a widely application range such as industrial system, residential environment, commercial area, sports activity, agriculture research, marine engineering, road traffic, aerospace and other fields. Grad Group plays a leading role in the energy transformation industry; also it is the Chairman of Dezhou Air Conditioning Equipment Industry Alliance and the President of Dezhou Air Conditioning Composite Materials Industry Association.

Shandong Grad Group will continuously enhance itself on artificial environment and will continuously enhance itself on global competitiveness.

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